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Best Sony PSP Accessories

Sony PSP AccessoriesThe Playstation Portable, colloquially known as the PSP, is a handheld game console manufactured and marketed by Sony Corporation. The PSP is said to be the only game console that uses a Universal Media Disc (UMD), which is an optical disc format, as its primary storage. Other unique features of the PSP include a large screen, multi-media capabilities, and connectivity with Playstations 2 and 3, other PSPs, and the Internet. Ever since it was released in 2004, the PSP has had several versions, with the latest being slimmer and lighter than the previous ones, complete with a new screen and a built-in microphone.

Like any other gadget, the PSP doesn’t come cheap. It is one investment you should take good care of. This is where Sony PSP accessories come in. But aside from maintaining your PSP’s “newness”, the Sony PSP accessories also allow you to maximize your game console’s potential. Among the most important Sony PSP accessories are the PSP case, joypad, emergency charger, data cable, speaker stand, and the black keys.

Not so long ago, Sony has been generous enough to provide a free neoprene case along with every PSP unit. Nowadays, however, new users must buy one. A case is so important since the PSP lacks a protective casing of its own. That said, the PSP is surely not resistant to drops, scratches, and other damages. After-market PSP cases provide an effective anti-shock protection. Some cases even include an anti-scratch crystal case, an LCD protector, and a movie stand, which are usually made with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a rubber-like material, or silicone. These cases have been designed so as to allow easy access to all PSP functions without having to be removed.

The emergency charger is a perfect accessory especially to those who continuously use their PSP for long periods of time. It’s far better than having a spare battery as it simply charges the drained battery and eliminates time-consuming reboots. This emergency charger is equipped with a LED indicator and also prevents overcharging.

sony playstation accessoriesA data cable can be used for both recharging your PSP’s battery and syncing your PSP with your computer, simultaneously or together at the same time. While this accessory is not really a requirement, it sure can come in handy.

A speaker stand is made to enhance your PSP movie experience by increasing the audio frequency signal of the console output. This accessory doubles as a PSP charger, too, for your information.

Now, in order to improve your whole gaming experience, which was what the PSP was originally intended for, you can use the PSP joypad.

Other important PSP accessories are the memory stick duo and the media conversion software.

The PSP normally do not have a built-in storage. And in order to make use of your PSP, you will have to have enough memory space to store music, videos, and games. In other words you will have to buy a memory stick. Also, while the PSP can play standard audio formats, videos must be transcoded for optimum resolution. You can download a media conversion software on your PSP for this one.

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