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Car DVR, also called Car Black Box, has been utilized progressively more widely. Different Car DVR has different appearance, however their basic Components are identical: 1) Host: including Microprocessor, Data Storage, Real-time Clock, Monitor, Operation Key, Printer, Data Communication Joint Door Devices. 2) Speed Sensor. 3) Data Analysis Software. 4) Infrared Camera, which happens to be indispensable being an important component of the night vision function.

In Car DVR is often separated into several types according different requirement. It falls into 2 types according style: Image Recorder Car DVR and Data Recorder Car DVR. Where there are HD Car DVR, Mini Car DVR, Night Vision Car DVR, Wide-angle Car DVR, Double-cameras Car DVR, Muti-functional Car DVR and glass-type Muti-functional Car DVR using the forms of the auto and function of car DVR. Moreover, 2 Road and 4 Road Car DVR for that catalog of camera. Besides, 1.5 inches, 2.0 inches, 2.4 inches, 2.5 inches, 3.0 inches Car DVR and even more according the screen size with the Car DVR.
There are lots of angles for picture-taking or video-taking on the Car DVR: 120, 140, 150, 170, 100 and 90, and mostly it is adjusted according to the angle with the camera. The angle of your picture-taking or video-taking is often at 100, the place where the Car DVR can be going to shoot and record the lanes on sides within your car. But get the bigger picture-taking or video-taking angle will be better for that car driver, and that we have Car DVR with bigger picture-taking or video-taking angle at reduced price and quality guaranteed!
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You can check if thez record picture of the DVR for car is smooth and clear after you drive your truck on the speed of 120 km/h. Generally speaking, you can see the license number of your car till you while using the video distinguishability of one’s Car DVR at 1280*720. Besides, whether your car or truck DVR carries a good CMOS with strong light sensibility will directly have effects on a result of your picture-taking or video-taking of Car DVR at nighttime.
With an auto DVR installed, you’ll have got a fool-proof solution to insure yourself in the case of vehicle accidents or incidents as high-quality muti-channel Car DVR gives you Bosch g-sensor, GPS, micro SD memory card for vehicles. Dectet and record the scene of accident with high-quality DVR for car to analyze the main cause and avoid engaging in the traffic trouble!

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