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RC car has been more and more popular among children and it is undoubtedly a good choice for children’ toys nowadays. But what a RC Car is? RC cars are self-powered model cars or trucks that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter. It is a kind of vehicles that are connected to their controller by a wire or controlled by a radio-frequency link.

There are two types of RC cars: Toy-grade radio control models and Hobby-grade radio control models.

“Toy-grade” in regards to radio control cars is used to describe vehicles of the pre-assembled type generally found in discount stores and consumer stores. Sometimes they are colloquially referred to as “Radio Shack cars”. Advantages of these Toy-grade radio control cars are low price selling $50–$100 cheaper than an entry-level electric hobby class vehicle and easy operation and setup with most capable of only about 10 mph (16 km/h). Besides, feature details that hobby class vehicles lack, like working lights, sounds, windows, opening doors and hoods, and realistic interiors at the expense of weight and durability. Some vehicles also feature working sound systems with radios or MP3 player inputs. Disadvantages are that Toy-grade R/C cars are typically manufactured with a focus on design coupled with reducing production costs and they are typically made with a non-standard motor, non-replaceable chassis components and a single electronic circuit board integrated into the design of the vehicle. Performance is not so good as Hobby-grade radio control models. Most lack any form of a suspension and the ones that do feature a suspension have very primitive or rudimentary designs.

remote control carHobby-grade radio-controlled cars have attracted many hobbyists who would otherwise have purchased a pre-assembled car (ARTR or Race-Roller). Vehicles of this type need little or no final assembly and in most cases, the bodies are shipped painted and trimmed, requiring little or no work from the owner before they can be used (other than purchasing and installing batteries). But with a hobby grade rc car can cost much more. Hobby grade can range from $100–$1500. Besides, Hobby-grade radio-controlled cars can be fell into 4 catalogs: Electric models, Nitro-powered models and Gasoline-powered models. Fuel-powered engines allow model cars to reach moderate speeds unmodified; Nitro-powered cars operate like full-sized fuel vehicles more than their electric counterparts do, making use of a two stroke engine rather than an electric motor.

Do you know the operation principles of RC Car? Radio-controlled cars use a common set of components for their control and operation. All cars require a transmitter, which has the joysticks for control, or in pistol grip form, a trigger for throttle and a wheel for turning, and a receiver which sits inside the car. The receiver changes the radio signal broadcast from the transmitter into suitable electrical control signals for the other components of the control system. Most radio systems utilize amplitude modulation for the radio signal and encode the control positions with pulse width modulation. Electronic speed controls and servos are commanded by the receiver through pulse width modulation; pulse duration sets either the amount of current that an electronic speed control allows to flow into the electric motor or sets the angle of the servo. On these models the servo is attached to at least the steering mechanism; rotation of the servo is mechanically changed into a force which steers the wheels on the model, generally through adjustable turnbuckle linkages. Servo savers are integrated into all steering linkages and some nitro throttle linkages. A servo saver is a flexible link between the servo and its linkage that protects the servo’s internal gears from damage during impacts or stress.

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