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Rear View Bluetooth Mirror: Have You Got One to Upgrade Your Car?

As people have been cognizant of the hazard of making messages or calls while driving so have car makers. To answer their needs, known car makers, like Ford, Toyota, and Mazda have released several car models that are already furnished with these rear view cameras with GPS-enabled rear view mirror, an impression screen display, and Bluetooth. Inspired with the genius behind this technology, the rear view Bluetooth mirror was invented.Rear View Bluetooth Mirror

Rear view Bluetooth mirrors are the latest (and even the safest and smartest) car reversing gadgets, which don’t only provide easier and safer parking but allow for making hands-free calls when driving. These mirrors such as a speaker, a microphone, with an integrated caller identification display for checking of incoming and /or outgoing call details (i.e. name, number, etc.) at a mere glance. To produce calls, you can just connect your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone towards device, talk throughout the mirror’s microphone, and listen through its constructed in speaker. No longer had earpieces or any kind of that kind required. Is actually noise reduction and echo cancellation features including a stable signal, a clear audio quality unlike that surrounding the common noisy car environment should be expected. Hearing music via Bluetooth is also possible. And form rear view camera which is a good choice for driving, these mirrors also have a camera embedded in the mirror itself, able to record videos of assorted formats (AVI, MOV, ASF, MP4, and WMV). With one of these mirrors, gone will be the really need to buy a separate GPS device anymore because they offer an accurate and reliable GPS for straightforward navigation and fast, up-to-date driving directions. The most common package include a charger that connects to a car’s DC connector or lighter socket and/or an electrical cable that could be attached to a car’s battery for your more permanent connection. It may last for 650 hours on standby mode and 25 hours of talk-time. These mirrors require no instillation or any set up given that they fit right into a standard factory-built mirror in the use mirror clips. By doing this, your Bluetooth mirror can discreetly blend into the car’s interior while providing wireless functionality and monitoring.Rear View Bluetooth Mirror

So basically, these rears view Bluetooth mirrors aren’t ONLY mirrors. These mirrors have constructed in Bluetooth for hands-free calls, built-in Global positioning system, inbuilt software for games, phonebook, and notes, integrated iPod, plus an optional wireless rear view camera, which alleviates blind spots. Other rear view Bluetooth mirrors have voice announcing capabilities for incoming call number, automatic re-connection, and other simple operations. In fact, the product has become suitable for safety since everything a person needs is directly made accessible to him without needing to take his eyes far from the street. Also, this type of gadget is often left inside the car at all times and since it seems the same as the original rear-view mirror, make no mistake- that it’ll totally be conspicuous to thieves.

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